About MountainFlame Propane

Residential/Commercial Propane Service & Delivery in Prather, CA

MountainFlame Propane is a full-service propane provider based in Prather, California. We’re a family owned and operated establishment that puts good service and good people before profits, and we’ve run our business that way since the very beginning in 2002.

A Brief History of MountainFlame Propane

Small businesses are usually forged out of, you guessed it, love.

For Steve Rinker, local dentist and his wife Monte, co-owners of MountainFlame Propane, it wasn’t just propane they were passionate about — it was their family and their community. They wanted to find a way to keep Prather and its mountain community thriving, to provide local jobs and a much-needed service to his neighbors.

After meeting as a family, we decided the propane business was a viable option, and we began an intense couple of years as we gathered the necessary education, permits, licenses, equipment and training required for a smooth launch in June of 2002. A major part of this training process, as well as the important industry connections necessary for startup, were made possible by a great mentor! This mentor, who runs a successful propane company of his own, gave us so much and is a good friend that we still lean on today…meeting this man was no accident and we give God all the credit.

Our business began with selling our propane and services door-to-door. As we started setting up more and more tanks and taking on more and more customers, word of mouth spread as the community saw our loyalty to provide them with exceptional service and consistently, competitive prices. To this day, word of mouth sales continue to be the main means of gaining new business!

Today, more than 10 years later, we continue to grow and expand our customer base and service area while staying committed to what started it all: our love for business and treating our customers as we would want to be treated!

It has also been a privilege to be in a position to donate to a number of local scholarship funds, athletic programs, museums and other charitable organizations. We look forward to many more years of growth and good fortune, both in our family and our community.

The MountainFlame Propane Mission

To provide our customers with truly exceptional propane service, timely support and quality products.

MountainFlame Propane Core Values

  • Honesty, a culture of caring and community
  • A quick and timely response to your service needs
    • Any day, any time, 24/7
  • Safety — our #1 priority on the job
  • Friendly and well-trained personnel
  • Creating a positive experience at every encounter

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